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My artistic practice is rooted in the rich tradition of Chinese calligraphy. I aim to expand upon the established parameters of the art form by introducing my experience and techniques. As a contemporary calligraphy artist, I seek to preserve this ancient art form while applying my unique approach to it. 


I was first introduced to Chinese calligraphy at the age of five. Growing up in China, I cultivated a passion for the art form as I learned the fundamentals of calligraphy. After 11 years of rigorous and systematic training on traditional techniques, I have mastered all types of styles within the genre. Existing within this specific tradition allows me to experiment with it while also representing it in contemporary art.


My move to Vancouver, Canada as a 16-year-old marked the beginning of my decade-long self-exploration of Chinese calligraphy. Over these past ten years, I have expanded beyond the traditional confines of the art, begun self-teaching and experimenting, and eventually developed my own distinctive style within this long celebrated art form. In recent years, I have been focusing on exploring the possibilities of traditional calligraphy by incorporating choices which lie beyond black and white. 


Chinese calligraphy is primarily centered around words, characters, and strokes, but at the core of each stroke is also a delicate balance of ink, brushes, paper, and strength. It is a form of art centered around emotion and expression. Each character is accentuated by the paper on which it is drawn. Through manipulations of the paper, I create texture and redesign shapes to add nuance to each work. In addition to using ink, I also use watercolor and acrylic paints—I find these interact especially well with the texture of traditional rice paper. 


Ultimately, my work aims to create a harmony between the past and present. A keystone of my practice is actively working to not deviate or disrupt the traditional Chinese characters and strokes. My technique balances a sense of precision inherent in the art of calligraphy with my own distinctive application of ink that allows the viewer to witness each gesture I make and stroke I execute. My work toys with notions of color—I expand beyond the customary black and white by incorporating color schemes unique to each piece in order to enhance aesthetic value and illuminate the meaning behind each piece. 


Calligraphy, to me, is more than a creative outlet. My artistic practice is a life-long partner I can communicate with. Through my practice, I’m able to pay reverence to the historical evolution of Chinese calligraphy as well as my personal roots and journey.

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